• YuGiOh 2017 Mega Tin Seto Kaiba Sealed

YuGiOh 2017 Mega Tin Kaiba Sealed

Each sealed tin a number of YuGiOh cards and mega-packs, and serves as a storage accessory once opened. 
The Kaiba tin comes with:
• 3 x 16-card Mega-Packs. Each Mega-Pack contains 1 card of each foil rarity (1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, and 1 Super Rare in each pack) and all cards included will be in their original booster set rarity.
• 1 x Secret Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
•  2 x Ultra Rare variants: Proxy Dragon and Pot of Desires.
•  2 x Super Rare variants: Number 68: Sanaphond the Sky Prison and Elder Entity N'tss.
• 1 x  Ultra Rare Token Card: Seto Kaiba.

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YuGiOh 2017 Mega Tin Seto Kaiba Sealed

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