Card Grading

These are our card condition grades. Use these guidelines to determine exactly what condition to expect when receiving an individual card or lot of cards.

Mint: flawless, looks like it was just pulled from a booster.

Near Mint: near to mint condition, except the card may have minor edge wear or surface scuffs from being stored in plastic sleeves.

Excellent:  slightly worse than near mint, card may have more extensive edge wear or scuffs, may also have other marks. Still playable and collectable. No creases will be on the card.

Good: card may start to have creases, more damage or more major damage in extensive areas. Cards of this condition or worse will have a picture and an individual explanation of what the card is like.

Played: card will have folds, splitting, peeling, big creases or major damage to many areas of the card.

If you have any questions about our card grading please email enquiries(at)